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64, 65, 66/365

DSCN0566, originally uploaded by irishleo_21.

So today was orientation at the casino, got our uniforms and everything.

That is my uniform. I know you can't really tell but that skirt doesnt even fully cover my ass. I had to go out and buy boyshort underwear that really does, they are a lot like spankies actually. Thank god that they keep saying the waitress make good tips.

I also have to buy black boots, preferably with a heel. I think it'd be funnier though if i just bought knee high doc martens, lol. punk meets slut.

Though for the first two weeks I'm hostess-ing. So nice formal dress and black hose with heels.

I own two dresses, but they both will work.

And of course I took pictures of me in them with the heels that I just bought.

Also yes I know somehow I got my arms in the same position in both, no idea how though...

black one from new years.

and the purple one I got when I was 19.

this should make for an interesting job, and a complete depletion of my social life.

so much for changing the fact that I'm single, I won't have time to have a boyfriend now...

Last day of summer 2008

So Fall starts tomorrow and I had today off. I was going to go down to the fair but I had a headache and figured that would give me an even bigger one. So I went for a drive about 30mins north to Stone Lagoon, and brought my new camera to take some pictures.

So get ready for a bit of a picture dump.

Can I really move away from this to Oklahoma for 4 months?Collapse )

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